★   Knife thread trimming structure can complete thread trimming directly underneath the machine needle.The shortest thread can reach 3mm.

★  High stitch rate of front and rear lock thread The perfect reverse stitch can be achieved at any stitch length, and the front and rear thread lock function can be set.

★  Button operation panel,easy and fast working.

The lamp assembly with four buttons is convenient for reinforcing and mending (mending one stitch, 1 / 2 stitch, 1 / 4 stitch), and angle sewing is easier"

★  Accurate needle distance, easy to lock The needle distance is controlled by a stepper motor, accurate to 0.1mm, and the needle distance adjustment function can be locked according to needs to avoid random adjustment of the needle

★  It can design 9 type stitch

★  Controled by step motor system. A step motor completes thread trimming and presser foot lifting.

★ Sealed box oil, clean sewing, Sealed oil pan, reduce dust entering the body, reduce cloth pollution; easy to move, no oil spills.