TW1-1245 Compound Feed Lockstitch Sewing Machine
Compound feed heavy duty lockstitch sewing machine
1-needle,bottom feed, needle feed, walking foot lockstitch binding machine



Technical Data

• Stitch type 301 lock stitch
• Max. sewing speed 2,000 spm
• Max. stitch length 8.0 mm
• Max. top feed stroke 7.0 mm
• Max. fabric clearance 14 mm
• Needle system 134-35
• Needle size Nm 90-150
• Balance wheel 80 mm eff. Dia.
• Recommended motor power minimum 0.55 kW
Compound feed lockstitch machine with vertical hook
Clearance under the arm
TW1-1245 : 257x110 mm

Automatic hook lubrication
Carton dimensions and gross weights for sewing head
TW1-1245 : 63x28x60 cm 44 kg