product's name ::: Differential multi function Single thread blind stitch machine
product's NO. ::: SAHLCM364 Industrial Blind-stitch Machine

Function Characteristic:
1. Single bended needle (cambered set),single thread chainstitch
2. The single thread chainstitch hides itself so that we can not see it from the outside, Which makes the clothes much neater and more elegant.
3. Suitable for extra thin to thick material.

Available for blindstitching bottoms , sleeves, blouses, underwears, ladies coats, etc.

Measurement(m.m.): 530 (L)x00(W)x50(H)
Gross wehgt: 26KGS
Net weight: 21KFS
Stitch spec.: 103(ISO)
Speed.: Max. 2,500 s.p.m.
Needle: LWxT(Organ Needle.Japan)
Stitch length: 3.2 -8.5 MM; 3-8 Stitch/lnch (25.4MM.)
Differential ratio: 1.1-1.25